ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING  -$50 an Hour ( For Package Deals please contact )

In our one on one training sessions we break down every part of your game and look at what areas we need to tweak and improve. We break down shooting mechanics, how you finish the basketball around the rim, how you handle the basketball, how you pass the basketball , how you can improve as a defender, and how to make proper reads in each and every game situation. We adjust your training sessions to your specific needs as a basketball player and we turn your weaknesses into strengths. Our goal is to start from the ground up by constantly working on the fundamentals and developing your confidence. As we perfect the fundamentals we begin to add more and more to your game to make you  great in every area of the game.

GROUP TRAINING  -$35 Per Player ( For Package Deals please contact )

In our group training we break down the most important aspects of the game and put them into drills where we compete against one another. We focus on the fundamentals of the game and slowly add more and more into your game as the fundamentals are perfected. We are able to put our work into live 1 on 1, 2 on 2, or 3 on 3 situations to see our progress and to learn the importance of competing and playing hard all the time.. You will receive great attention the whole session to improve your game in both the skill and mental aspects of the game.

TEAM TRAINING   -$100 Hour and a Half ( For Package Deals please contact )

In our team training sessions we work on both individual skills and the ability to play together as one. We work on the fundamentals of the game as well as how to play together on both the offensive and defensive end. Offensively we focus on the concept of getting the most efficient and best possible shot on each and every possession using ball movement and proper player movement. Defensively, we focus on the concept of team defense. Focusing on playing together on defense and helping each other through constant communication and proper positioning. We tie all of this in with several drills and games which builds chemistry and trust throughout the session.